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Making a tutorials section

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Hi there.

As the suggestions forum is reserved for AutoIt language suggestions, I thought this would be the appropriot place to post this.

Although there is an Example Forum, it really isn't a means of easy-learning. People can share their script, but without a good deal of knowledge before hand, you really can't completely deciphers the code on your own.

I respectfully propose a Tutorials forum, to show how to complete various tasks and explain various code and how it works and interacts with the rest of the code. I could see where the rest of the community would say this is pointless-and from another perspective, I suppose it is. Look at it this way, regardless if your new to AutoIt or an advanced programmer, you always want to learn, and although as time passes, you will get better, you will always have a question and always want to learn more.

I feel that the example section has it main focus on releasing their creations and not really explaining them, leaving it up to you to do so, which isn't the easiest of tasks. There should be a forum for sharing your work and a forum for explaining your work. I just feel this makes sense as they are very differing subjects. It seems people often say "Heres ____ download it ___." and thats the end of the post.

I saw the tutorials in the help file and found them very enjoyable to complete, which allowed me to learn more very quickly, seeing the code being used rather than just the code by itself.

Well, this is my opinion and I do not expect this to be implemented nor agreed with, but I feel that I do have a point.

Thanks for reading :whistle:

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I forgot my login info :whistle::lmao::x:X


I hadn't changed my default password, it was "password" lol. In now, to get a account u need to post in this age old thread


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