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MsgBox always on top

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Hi all,

I would like to ask the user to navigate to a certain place in a third-party program which is currently running, but after the user went to the appropriate place, he needs to come back to the Msgbox to click "OK" so my program can take over. How can I keep a MsgBox visble while an other program is in focus?

Could you modify this little program below in a way that it is always on top compared to other third party programs which are running, but does not block the user to interact with those othr programs?

MsgBox(1,"Window on Top"," I am supposed to be on Top of other windows")
WinSetOnTop("Window on Top"," I am supposed to be on Top of other windows",1)

WinSetOnTop clearly does not work... What is it used for?

Any ideas appreciated... Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Best regards:


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A classic example of helpfileitis

The flag parameter can be a combination of the following values:

decimal flag Button-related Result hexadecimal flag

0 OK button 0x0

1 OK and Cancel 0x1

2 Abort, Retry, and Ignore 0x2

3 Yes, No, and Cancel 0x3

4 Yes and No 0x4

5 Retry and Cancel 0x5

6 ** Cancel, Try Again, Continue 0x6

decimal flag Icon-related Result hexadecimal flag

0 (No icon) 0x0

16 Stop-sign icon 0x10

32 Question-mark icon 0x20

48 Exclamation-point icon 0x30

64 Information-sign icon consisting of an 'i' in a circle 0x40

decimal flag Default-related Result hexadecimal flag

0 First button is default button 0x0

256 Second button is default button 0x100

512 Third button is default button 0x200

decimal flag Modality-related Result hexadecimal flag

0 Application 0x0

4096 System modal (dialog has an icon) 0x1000

8192 Task modal 0x2000

decimal flag Miscellaneous-related Result hexadecimal flag

0 (nothing else special) 0x0

262144 MsgBox has top-most attribute set 0x40000

524288 title and text are right-justified 0x80000

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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Thanks a lot! I should have RTFM! Works for me!


A classic example of helpfileitis

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