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Hyperlinks and downloading--Noobie

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At the moment i manually click and download a number of links on a page. The number, url name and location (on the page) of these links changes on a daily basis.

Is there a function within Autoit that automatically recognises that a hyperlink exists, and then to click that link and download the information on that page?

I have used Auoit for 2 very small programs already and am very much a noob to programming.

Thanks in advance for any help ,

cheers :(

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URLDownloadToFile("http://www.pageWithLinksToDownload.com", "C:\page.html")

FileRead("C:\page.html", FileGetSize("C:\page.html"))

; Scan the code for <a href=" ... ">blahblahblah</a>

; For standard HTML Links, you want what's between the quotes....

URLDownloadToFile each link you find....

Too slow by 1 minute :ph34r:

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