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To get window info about a button

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I have a window with a group of radio buttons and buttons named "OK"

and "Cancel". When I used AutoItWindowInfo to find the

class/instance/text of that "OK" button, it displays the info of that

window. For all buttons, and radio buttons, it displays the same

class/instance of that window. If I used,


means I can click the "OK" button.

I used controlclick function as given below:

controlclick("title of the window", "",


Is there any other way to get the name of the button or click the button?

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You'll get the same results trying to use AU3Info on an IE window. Browsers and other apps (i.e. Flash) that draw their own controls without using the standard Windows APIs simply can't be manipulated by control ID/handles.

Mozilla Firefox (and Thunderbird, etc.) do not expose a COM API the way MS IE does. Microsoft sees exposing those interfaces as expedient/convenient, Mozilla sees them as a security risk. They each have their own way of looking at it.

If they are HTML buttons and controls you are trying to work with, you could try using IE and scripting it with the IE.au3 UDF.


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