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Reading out of a console like Telnet or Dos-Box

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I'm getting crazy.

I tried since some weeks to read the content of a telnet box.

I tried it, to copy the text of the console and save it in a variable.

That was really good, but I want to get the content of the box synchronous.

But if in the box an error occured I want to now it promptly and not after a certain time, autoit scans the content of the box with the copy-function.

The copy-function was like this:

When the console is open, then write:

send ( "!{SPACE}")

send ( "B")

send ( "A")

sleep (3000)

send ( "!{SPACE}")

send ( "B")

send ( "k")

But this is not the perfect solution.

I read a lot about reading from a console with autoit, but there isn't a perfect solution.

I tried the telnet-console from souce-forge, I tried Terra Term Pro, I tried to build my own console with autoit-Gui, but nothing gives me an acceptable solution.


What can I do.

My aim is: Get the conent of a telnet session from a unix-mashine...

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Why did you opened a new post instead of continuing your old one?


The copy function works only on a german locale of windows.

Sorry Hubertus,

but I thought, that nobody would read the old one.

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