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Breaking out from batch file

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I have a batch file that among other things it executes a compiled script

the problem is that as soon as it tries it breaks out from the batch file and the compiled script does not even starts

Now if I execute the file my self it will run perfectly

I did check that the batch file is pointing to the right path and file name.

this is the batch file:

rem Clean up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

REGEDIT /S %CDROM%\CustomatedDVD\Desktop\RegSeeker.reg <------------- executes just fine

del /q c:\s.txt <------------- executes just fine

REGEDIT /S %CDROM%\CustomatedDVD\Profile\SortPrograms.reg <------------- executes just fine

start /wait %CDROM%\CustomatedDVD\Profile/TaskBarClean.exe <------------- when it gets to this file it breaks

( it never even get byond the above point )

rem clean from taskbar properties

start /wait %systemdrive%\Log\IE&TempCleaner\Clean.bat

shutdown -r -f -t 03

Thank you for your help

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maybe if you replace:

start /wait %CDROM%\CustomatedDVD\Profile/TaskBarClean.exe


start /wait %CDROM%\CustomatedDVD\Profile\TaskBarClean.exe

I cant believe I didn't see this, thank you very much

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