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Diana (Cda)

@ScriptDir ... thanks!

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Diana (Cda)

Awesome!! Thanks!! I have a glimmer of understanding now re the practical application of @ScriptDir. I thought I was on the right track, and phew, seems I did understand. I didn't realize I'd have to move the files for it to work in the second case, but that's clearer to me now.

1) @ScriptDir definitely is a winner here since the sound plays now whether being called by clicking on the AU3 or via a shortcut. This wasn't the case before. So awesome.

2) re the path to the file, tricky decision. But in the end, do-able. I will place the Excel file with the script so that I can use @SriptDir. It means my file will no longer reside with all the other Excel files but I can work around this. These are files on my USB flash drive and my goal is to be completely portable even when the apps I use are not and they're only standalones. I'm getting around that by using virtual paths for the AI path in the scheduler and its accepted them all so far. I'll have to make adjustments to the backup program, etc., but that will be offset by benefits of weaning myself off Outlook as my scheduling/reminder program. I've been getting tired of setting up and de-constructing the whole Outlook system that I use for all my reminders and such for each new contract I go to esp. since I now have an even larger USB flash drive than before. (Got a great one a bit on sale that's a nice 4gigs!).

Thanks once again and cheers. :whistle:

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