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Windows Defender program exceptions.

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Long time user of AutoIt for various simple task automation, but I'm in a position now where I can put it to more use for assisting my co-workers and my job's. I scripted a program to install RealVNC and apply the correct registry settings so we can e-mail or allow our end users in remote offices a secure link to download it so we do not have to walk them through it. I finally got around to modifying it to function on Windows Vista and run RealVNC at startup under user-mode so it will allow connections properly.

My question is, does anybody know either a command line method to add an exception for RealVNC in Windows Defender or perhaps where such data would be stored in the registry? I created some rules in Defender and scoured the registry for any sign of them and came up short. Searches on the web only lead to command line options such as performing definition updates. This is the last real stumbling block I'm running into and I'm trying to avoid having to pass keyboard/mouse commands to perform the function.


Mike Steinhilber

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