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How can i convert this?

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Is there a way to make this code:

$begin = TimerInit()


$dif = TimerDiff($begin)

MsgBox(0,"Time Difference",$dif)

to isplay the time in hours/minutes/secconds, which ever is the case?

I did $dif / 1000 but i still get that nasty point after the secconds (too many numbers). and also it's only seconds, i would like to display minutes and hours also.

And if no, is there another way to display a message box with how much time the application has stayed opened? But to display that in hours/minutes/secconds, and not milliseconds.


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It's question of Mathe







$time =Int($temp/3600)&':'&Int(Mod($temp,3600)/60)&':'&Int(Mod($temp,60)))

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