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Launcher controller for WANs

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Any help would be appreciated:

I've written a fairly complex network auditor for large corporate WANs. I've done most of the work however, I'm stuck coming up with some logic.

The idea is, a "speed" setting will be read from an INI file, along with a group of subnets in each section. I can't figure out how to split what is read based on the speed setting.

For example, the INI would contain the following:













Assuming the maximum number of hosts to be launched at any time would be a total of 5 (there are hundreds of hosts based on the subnets) - what logic would go through and limit a launch based on the speed factor and within the maximum? Assuming speed means a literal amount (ie - speed=4 would allow a maximum of 4 at any one time).

If speed is set to 2, that means there are still 3 slots available for launching until one opens up.

Hope I was clear on the explanation!

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