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Unknown Function Name

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I am using version of AutoIt.

I have scripts that run OK within Scite but when I compile I get an error unknown function name.

If I use an earlier beta I don't have this problem.

I seen another thread on the forum about this but the resolution was not clear to me.

Here is an example

#include <Date.au3> 
$sShortDayName = _DateDayOfWeek( @WDAY, 1 )

If I compile with production and then run the exe I get this message

AutoIt Error
Line 0 DateDayOfWeek.exe
$sShortDayName = _DateDayOfWeek( @WDAY,1 )
$sShortDayName = ^ERROR

Error: Unknown function name.

Suggestions on things to check or try would be good.



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Check if there are spaces or tabs in front of the #include statement and if so remove them .. this is a known bug...



Obviously I did not look hard enough!

Strange that the thread that I did find did not mention this though and it went for 2 pages.

Thanks for the speedy reply.



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