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i wonder

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is it possible to make it so that if a person were to insert the cd/disk with my programs on it that they would run right away? without having to be clicked? or is it possible to bind my program to another so that clicking that one would start mine? new to this only been working on it for 2 days so any help would be appreciated =D

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This is quite simple as you only have to write an ascii-file (simple text-file) named 'autorun.inf' (your created inf-file should have another icon than a normal text-file as .inf-files are 'special' files) with the following content


and burn it into the root of your CD/DVD.

The most important part is the OPEN-Command, which opens the named file (can also be OPEN=..path..\blabla.exe).

Keep in mind that AutoRun just works if you enabled AutoRun at Drive-Preferences of your CD/DVD-drive.

With the ICON-command you can give your CD/DVD a nice icon which is shown after the CD/DVD is inserted.





also works, but this is a bit more advanced, you have to google for that.

There are also some autorun.inf-maker/editors, you also can google for that if you're not sure and want to use sth.. like that.

Hope this helps

edit: shell32.dll,1 means icon nb. 1 inside of shell32.dll, you can use shortcut-'preferences>change symbol' and browse for a dll to see which icons are inside. Than try to find the right number and use that. Every windows-user has a shell32.dll, so using this dll is sure.

You can also make an own icon (screenprint etc.) with a lot of programs, maybe you have IrfanView.. at least there are so many things you can do and so much time to waste :ph34r: ...

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