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Web Pages are not really controls, as they are created kinda on the fly from your browser. If you look at it with AutoIt Spy, you will notice there is no change in last control as you hover over the buttons. I like to use the find feature, and pixel color.

If you have two buttons, you might try to target the text before or after the button, and then esc out of the find popup, and tab or alt tab and hit space.

You can use all keyboard commands on almost any webpage(image maps, and flash excluded.)

The second option is using mouse locations, and pixel searching.

Html pages usually change thier name when refreshed, so I use WinSetTitle ( "HiddenSoft", "", "waiting for refresh" ) right before I push the button. That way I can do a simple winwait command to know when the info comes back. (make sure all on the same page.)

This for instance should hit the reply funtion, if you were viewing a post here.

Winwaitactive("HiddenSoft Forums")
send("v3 Support{enter}")

Edit.. messed up my quotes a sec there

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