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BasicPlayer v1.8

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Iam using it as my default MP3 player now it boots faster then Foobar 2000

Thanks for using BasicPlayer !

I made BasicPlayer basically just for myself, but I`m glad if anyone likes it !

Also, you are aware of that you can open MP3- and BPL-files with BasicPlayer

directly from the explorer..?


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Thanks for creating the icon, Mickey !

About the file-support...at this time only MP3-files are allowed for adding,

but this WILL be changed in a later version.

Please suggest supported file-types..

Also, I would like to say that it would be great if anyone would like to

create a program for BasicPlayer...

Currently I've only made a "language and theme selection"-program.

I've also planned to make a program which will make it easier to create a

new language-section, and a program to create a new theme-section.

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