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NEW Pixelsearch

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I really liked the idea from non3's skript, but it was really too slow and i just wanted to search the current desktop on the same place for existing pixels (my idea was to identify a wc3 map automatically)! :(

But this skript can also be used to look for a existing trayicon, or if u cannot use the WinActive option.... :lol:

I shortened the original pixelfunc.au3 (deleted all the functions i didn't need) and debuged it! :ph34r:

Then i added a funtion to compare a pixelfield - and it works great and very fast



#include "pixelfunc.au3"



$fromx = -1

$fromy = -1

$tox = -1

$toy = -1

While 1


IF $fromx<>-1 and $tox <> -1 Then ExitLoop



$file1 = $file

$pixel=_Pixelfieldtofile($fromx, $fromy, $tox, $toy, $file)

$sucess = _Pixelfieldcomparefiles($file1, $file1&".txt")

if $sucess = 1 Then

MsgBox(0,"Sucess", "Pixels found on desktop - written to file " & $file1)


MsgBox(0,"failed", "not able to find marked pixels on screen")



Func getPos1()

   $frompos = MouseGetPos()


;MsgBox(0,"Start position", "x: "&$fromx&" y: "&$fromy)


Func getPos2()

  $topos = MouseGetPos()



;MsgBox(0,"End position", "x: "&$tox&" y: "&$toy)


I hope there are no bugs =P :lol: (u have to take the pixels from up-left, to down-right)

Edit: missed a word :D and the link ^^

Edited by Konan--M

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Maybe someone could take the time to test the script or make some suggestions to make it better / faster ???´

The thought of the script is, that you write the data of a pixelfield to a file and afterwards u can see if the pixelfield is on the active screen .....

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A question to the gosus in here...

Does the Function PixelChecksum() the same work as the script but 1000x times faster ? :ph34r:

- Ok I'm stupid =P

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