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I'm trying to use the auto-it listview control (in report or detail mode). For the most part it seems pretty straightforward but there are a few parts which I have questions on...

1. Is there a way to retrieve the column index number by column name?

2. I'm trying to catch mouse clicks in the listview control using "GUIGetMsg()". It seems that when a list view item is clicked, the GUIGetMsg() function will return a different number for each list view item. The problem is there doesn't seem to be a way to determine if the number returned by the GUIGetMsg() function is from a listviewitem click or some other control. Is there a way to tell these apart?

3. It seems as though when the listview control has focus and the up or down arrow is pressed that the GUIGetMsg() function is not trapping this event. Is there a way to trap this event? I basically need an event handler that can trap when a different listview item has been selected.

I can provide code if needed.

Thanks in advance

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