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Control multiple IE browser instances simultaneously

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Hi out there. For my job I am working on doing a sort of performance testing and what I want to do is write a script to "simulate" multiple users logging in to a web-interface application (located on a single server) simultaneously.

I can issue all the commands and do them very quickly one at a time, but I want to have them all run at exactly the same time. The problems I'm having are:

1.) Is there another way to work with IE browser windows (or any windows for that fact) without checking for them to be Active or making them Active.

i.e. Can you issue commands to an inactive window? (Please keep in mind they will ALL have the same window name)

2.) Is there a solid solution to determining if a window is ready (page is loaded) without checking for a WinWait or WinActiveWait (because I don't want just the active window, I want all windows)

3.) Is there a way to issue the same command(s) SIMULTANEOUSLY to multiple instances?

The architecture is I will create N number of scripts (each with it's own user name and password). Then I will have a master script that runs all of them at once. The issues:

1.) Each script is depending on a particular active window to appear before it will issue the next command(s)

2.) The scripts seem to be stepping all over each-other

Perhaps there is a better (freeware as well please) tool out there to test this?

I appreciate any help or ideas

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All can be down with the IE functions. Bow down before IE.au3.


IE Dev ToolbarMSDN: InternetExplorer ObjectMSDN: HTML/DHTML Reference Guide[quote]It is surprising what a man can do when he has to, and how little most men will do when they don't have to. - Walter Linn[/quote]--------------------[font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Post a reproducer with less than 100 lines of code.[/font]

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