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Hello All,

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I am an ahk user; just read, for first time, about autoit3 and how it is more powerful, has ruder forums (ahk never a rude comment to any dumb question), and is a bit harder to use--possibly so much that c++ would be better.

I see it might allow me to write a proxy server, and like that it might be more powerful. OTH, if too hard to learn and any teenager manner level on this board might be a show stopper-- no matter what any pluses are. (See, I never had time to master C++ but I wrote first bulk cdripper to rip stacks of cds and do lookup at end of stack with manual set list titling check of book titles--very little ahk learn time, if any. Just some doc referencing. Also, I wrote first failsafe proxy switcher (reconnect on parent proxy rebirth), and win watch proxy switcher, in little time with ahk.)

Anyway, what program might I use to port ahk to au3? (useful if only for learning purposes.) And, I am really fuzzy as to what au3 can do that ahk cannot (lay terms only.)

Also, any forum should only have two rules (not to over control or confuse users): love thy topic (don't stray..too far); post unto others as you would have them post unto you. Violators should be banned. Flaming/rudeness should never happen on a moderated forum.

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AHK allows you to easily automate keystrokes and mouseclicks. AutoIt does that, and pretty much everything else you can think of. I don't know that anyone has written anything to port AHK to AU3, it's pretty easy to do manually. As for the forums, if you're polite, people will be polite to you. We're here to help, not flame. That's not to say we don't get mad when people don't listen, don't put in effort, are rude, etc. No question is a dumb question, so long as you've read the helpfile first. Welcome to the forums.

Edit: I shouldn't say that's all AHK does, but my point is that AU3 is more versatile, in a lot of ways.

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