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AutoItX: WinExists after WinClose

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Start condition: A window w/ caption 'Erase' exists

Running AutoItX in java script:

do {
} while(autoIt.WinExists('Erase'));

Surprisingly, this loop runs for ever.



returns 5: Window exists + Window is enabled

Running the AutoIt example script WinList.au3 does _not_ display a window 'Erase'

Looks like a bad problem in AutoItX?

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Wrong forum. 8)

Maybe the window doesn't close when you press the X button or send the close signal. Use a ProcessClose?

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The WM_CLOSE message is sent as a signal that a window or an application should terminate.

WinClose posts a WM_CLOSE message.

If the application doesn't do what is should, its not autoit's fault...

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What value does autoIt.WinExists('Erase') return?

Because your title used is only one word then perhaps the window refuses the close message until a child window closes?



One consideration is that your loop uses no sleep so it may send an exhaustive amount of messages to the window to close. Windows that normally receive too many messages go into a non responsive state so that maybe is your issue.

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