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Well im making a Script for a game and i got a small problem...

Func uh ()

BlockInput (1)

MouseClick ("right", $xuh, $yuh, 1, 0)

MouseClick ("left", $xplayer, $yplayer, 1, 0)

BlockInput (0)


Thats one of my Hotkeys, and to the other one i want it to get the Mouse position...

it still should first right click on the "uh" (MouseClick ("right", $xuh, $yuh, 1, 0))

But instead that i need to write the postion in the script like i have now when you left click i want it to take the position from where the mouse is...

Like if im holding my mouse over something and then it should go to another position, right click, and then go back to the position where i had the mouse before i pressed the hotkey and then it should left click...

Hope you understood this.



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I had a similar need, here's what I did:

$MOUSEPOS = MouseGetPos();get the current position before clicking somewhere else
;clicksomewhere else
MouseMove($MOUSEPOS[0], $MOUSEPOS[1], 1);put it back where it was at the mousegetpos

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