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Tim Net

_StringEncrypt() : is it RC4?

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I can use _StringEncrypt() to encrypt and decrypt a password that is easily stored in a database. I'd like to have a webpage read the value from the database and display the password back via a website. So, there are really two questions:

1.) is _StringEncrypt () RC4?

2.) How do I get IIS to run my decrypt binary?

The first question is not too important if I can get IIS to run a binary like a DLL to decrypt the value.

Here's the sample simple generation


#include <string.au3>

msgbox(0, "rc4", _StringEncrypt($CmdLine[1], $CmdLine[2], $CmdLine[3]))


Running "Enc.au3 1 Pass 1234" produces "F2C6F851FF64B6F1".

How do I get this dumary to run via IIS and return the value "F2C6F851FF64B6F1" as a variable?

Exactly what encryption is "F2C6F851FF64B6F1"?


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