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Modifying Delphi TStringGrid control

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maybe anyone knows a method of how to modify a Delphi TStringGrid control (seems to be some sort of listview)?

I've searched the forum but the only thing I could find were a few hints for modifying a TListview control.

Unfortunately that doesn't work ... the item count shows up -1 or 0 (there is at least one entry in it).

I need to read the content of the rows and modify some of the text-entries and change the symbol to another one (the grid is also holding one icon per row).

This is what the AU3-window-info is showing to me:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: Installation completed!

Class: TfrmRun

Position: 691, 696

Size: 589, 328

Style: 0x96C00000

ExStyle: 0x00000101

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: TStringGrid

Instance: 1

ID: 1770014


Position: 702, 726

Size: 449, 257

ControlClick Coords: 123, 19

Style: 0x54010000

ExStyle: 0x00000200

I'm not familiar with delphi programming and I can't say which other control comes close to the TStringGrid.

Any hints are welcome, thank you in advance!



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Hi there!

Several months later, I've found myself in the same situation as Amax. But I'm very disapointed to find out Amax had no replies to his inquiry. :-(

Can anyone help me in reading/changing text within a TStringGrid structure? The program I'm accessing was written in C++ and not Delphi, btw...



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I'd like to be able to read the data contained within a TStringGrid control as well so add me to the list!

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+1 for me...

Trying to read the text in a TStringGrid control....

any answer would work... is there a way to automate screen scraping and ocr the results? anything.

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