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Login and Download IE

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I started to create a script to automate a pricelist download.

I succesfuly loging in whit IE, Select the file for download and set the fields i whant in the file. But than i stuck.

I need click the Genereer button on the screen. I first try the _IEFormSubmit, but it fails true Javascript in the page. Then i try _IEAction, that result in a banner form IE that i whant to download a file. When i automate to remove de banner on the top, ie refresh the whole screen and no file is downloaded.

When i stop the script just before the click and click whit the mouse there is no problem.

I now open a browser by _IECreate, but i also tryed the run command whit ie.exe -extoff. But the script is than not working any more.

Some advice is welcome.

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Look up the source code of that page..

Try a _IEFormElementGetObjByName using the name you get from the source code. You can find this name by looking for something like this:

<input type="button" name="submit" value="Post" />

the name used in the function would be "submit". :)

Use the return value from that function in a _IEAction ( ... , "click" ) followed by a _IELoadWait()

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Can you post what you have so far, and possibly some source code for the web site?

Oke here the source off autoit.

#include <IE.au3>

; Create a browser window 
$oIE =  _IECreate("http://reseller.*****.**")
;_IECreate()Run("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe -extoff ")
;_IENavigate($oIE, "http://reseller.yorcom.nl")
; get point ers to the login form and username and password fields
$o_frame = _IEFrameGetObjByName($oIE, "YFrame")
$o_form = _IEFormGetObjByName($o_frame, "login_wf_form")
$o_login = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($o_form, "klantnummer")
$o_password = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($o_form, "wachtwoord")
$o_loginbutton = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($o_form, "login_wf")
; Set field values and submit the form
_IEFormElementSetValue($o_login, "******")
_IEFormElementSetValue($o_password, "******")
_IEAction ($o_loginbutton , "click")

_IELoadWait ($oIE)

 $oFrame = _IEFrameGetCollection($oIE, 1)
_IELinkClickByText ($oframe, "Prijslijst export")
_IELinkClickByText ($oframe, "Csv")

$o_frame = _IEFrameGetObjByName($oIE, "YFrame")

$oForm = _IEFormGetObjByName($o_frame, "exporter")
$o_marge = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oForm, "Marge")

    _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 1, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 2, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 3, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 4, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 5, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 6, "", 0, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 7, "", 0, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 8, "", 0, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 9, "", 0, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 10, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 11, "", 1, "byIndex")
   _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect ($oForm, 12, "", 1, "byIndex")
_IEFormElementSetValue($o_marge, "20")

$o_genereer= _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oForm, "genereer")

_IEAction ($o_genereer , "click")
MsgBox(0,"test",@Error); result is 0
; MouseClick ("",20,200,1)

; tricker the IE banner 
;ControlClick ("**** - Reseller systeem","","[ID:37425]")
;WinWait("Bestand downloaden")

;HTML Page
<link href="/includes/css/standaard.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="/includes/java.js"></script>
<script language="Javascript">
if (top.location == self.location) {
    top.location = '/frame/inhoud/prijslijst/index.php?soort=csv';
<META HTTP-EQUIV="imagetoolbar" CONTENT="no">

<table width="730" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td width="730" height="22" background="/images/balk.jpg" class="headbalktxt"><img src="/images/spacer.gif" width="10" height="10" align="absmiddle" />Reseller</td>
<table width="720" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="15">
    <td align="left" valign="top">  <script>
        function MouseOver(id, text){
            document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = text;
        function toggleRow() {
            var id = document.exporter.Soort.value;
            var disp = new Array('');
            disp["total"] = new Array("Artikelnummer","Groep","SubGroep","Naam","Omschrijving","Foto","Resellerex","Resellerin","Endusex","Endusin","Stock","Marge","Margeex","Margein","genereer","Algemeen1","Algemeen2","Algemeen3");
            for (x in disp["total"]){
                document.getElementById( disp["total"][x]+"_disp" ).style.display="none";
            disp["excel"] = new Array("Artikelnummer","Groep","SubGroep","Naam","Omschrijving","Foto","Resellerex","Resellerin","Endusex","Endusin","Stock","Marge","Margeex","Margein","genereer","Algemeen1","Algemeen2","Algemeen3");
            disp["excel2"] = new Array("Artikelnummer","Groep","SubGroep","Naam","Omschrijving","Foto","Resellerex","Resellerin","Endusex","Endusin","Stock","Marge","Margeex","Margein","genereer","Algemeen1","Algemeen2","Algemeen3");
            disp["pdf"] = new Array("Artikelnummer","Groep","Naam","Resellerex","Stock","genereer","Algemeen1","Algemeen2","Algemeen3");
            disp["txt"] = new Array("Artikelnummer","Groep","SubGroep","Naam","Foto","Resellerex","Resellerin","Endusex","Endusin","Stock","Marge","Margeex","Margein","genereer","Algemeen1","Algemeen2","Algemeen3");
            disp["csv"] = new Array("Artikelnummer","Groep","SubGroep","Naam","Foto","Resellerex","Resellerin","Endusex","Endusin","Stock","Marge","Margeex","Margein","genereer","Algemeen1","Algemeen2","Algemeen3");
            for (x in disp[id]){
                document.getElementById( disp[id][x]+"_disp" ).style.display="";
    </script><p><b>Prijslijst export systeem</b><br>
                            Deze utility geeft u de mogelijkheid om een prijslijst te laten genereren van ons assortiment. U kunt in onderstaand schema selecteren welke informatie u in het opgegeven bestand wilt hebben. Maar eerst moet u kiezen welk soort bestand u wilt hebben. Nadat u een selectie heeft gemaakt kunt u het bestand laten genereren. Vervolgens wordt het bestand aangeboden als download. Omdat er sprake is van dagprijzen raden wij u aan elke dag een nieuwe prijslijst te genereren.</p>
                            <p>Bij problemen kunt u contact opnemen met onze programeur, dit kunt u doen via ons <a href='/inhoud/contact/'>contact formulier</a></p><form id='exporter' name='exporter' method='post' action=''>
    <fieldset><legend>Maak uw selectie</legend>
      <table width='100%' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'>
        <tr id='Artikelnummer_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td width='150'><label for='Artikelnummer'>Artikelnummer</label></td>
          <td><input name='Artikelnummer' id='Artikelnummer' type='checkbox' value='1' checked />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Artikelnummer_om','Het artikelnummer zoals dat bij verwerkt wordt.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Artikelnummer_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Artikelnummer_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Groep_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Groep'>Groep</label></td>
          <td><input name='Groep' id='Groep' type='checkbox' value='1' checked />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Groep_om','De productgroep waar het product tot behoort.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Groep_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Groep_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='SubGroep_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='SubGroep'>Sub Groep</label></td>
          <td><input name='SubGroep' id='SubGroep' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('SubGroep_om','De sub productgroep waar het product tot behoort.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('SubGroep_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='SubGroep_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Naam_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Naam'>Naam</label></td>
          <td><input name='Naam' id='Naam' type='checkbox' value='1' checked />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Naam_om','De naam van het product, met een korte beschrijving / partnummer.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Naam_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Naam_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Omschrijving_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Omschrijving'>Omschrijving</label></td>
          <td><input name='Omschrijving' id='Omschrijving' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Omschrijving_om','De omschrijving.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Omschrijving_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Omschrijving_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Foto_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Foto'>Foto</label></td>
          <td><input name='Foto' id='Foto' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Foto_om','URL van een afbeelding van het product.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Foto_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Foto_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Resellerex_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Resellerex'>Uw prijs  excl. BTW</label></td>
          <td><input name='Resellerex' id='Resellerex' type='checkbox' value='1' checked />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Resellerex_om','Uw prijs exclusief BTW.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Resellerex_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Resellerex_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Resellerin_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Resellerin'>Uw prijs incl. BTW</label></td>
          <td><input name='Resellerin' id='Resellerin' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Resellerin_om','Uw prijs inclusief BTW.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Resellerin_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Resellerin_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Endusex_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Endusex'>End-user excl. BTW</label></td>
          <td><input name='Endusex' id='Endusex' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Endusex_om','End user prijs bij exclusief BTW.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Endusex_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Endusex_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Endusin_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Endusin'>End-user incl. BTW</label></td>
          <td><input name='Endusin' id='Endusin' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Endusin_om','End user prijs bij inclusief BTW.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Endusin_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Endusin_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Stock_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Stock'>Stock</label></td>
          <td><input name='Stock' id='Stock' type='checkbox' value='1' checked />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Stock_om','Geeft weer of een artikel op voorraad is of niet.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Stock_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Stock_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Algemeen1_disp' style='display:none;'>
        <tr id='Marge_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td>Te berekenen marge</td>
          <td><input name='Marge' type='text' size='4' maxlength='4' value='0' />%
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Marge_om','Voer de marge in die u wilt maken. Voorbeeld: 2.1')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Marge_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Marge_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Margeex_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Margeex'>Marge excl. BTW</label></td>
          <td><input name='Margeex' id='Margeex' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Margeex_om','Berekend de prijzen door met de marge die u wilt maken, exclusief BTW.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Margeex_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Margeex_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Margein_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><label for='Margein'>Marge incl. BTW</label></td>
          <td><input name='Margein' id='Margein' type='checkbox' value='1' />
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Margein_om','Berekend de prijzen door met de marge die u wilt maken, inclusief BTW.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Margein_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Margein_om'></font></td>
        <tr id='Algemeen2_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td width='150'>Soort</td>
          <td><select name='Soort' onchange='toggleRow();'>
            <option value=''>Maak een keuzen</option>
            <option value='txt' >Txt</option>
            <option value='csv' selected>Csv</option>
            <option value='pdf' >Pdf</option>
            <option value='excel' >Excel html</option>
            <option value='excel2' >Excel xml</option>
          <a onmouseover="MouseOver('Soort_om','Het soort bestand dat u wil exporteren.')" onmouseout="MouseOver('Soort_om','')"><img src='../../images/info.gif'></a> <font id='Soort_om'></font>
        <tr id='Algemeen3_disp' style='display:none;'>
        <tr id='genereer_disp' style='display:none;'>
          <td><input type='submit' name='genereer' value='Genereer' /></td>
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Do you get any errors? I'm wondering if this line produces an error:

$o_genereer= _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oForm, "genereer")

If not, then can you tell us what the error says?

Hello GMK,

thanks for you response. I did this test earlier whit MsgBox(0,"test",@Error). Result 0. After this the ie banner shows up, For securety reasons ie is blocking this download.

Hope you can help me.

Greetings Hans

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Then it sounds like you'll need to change your security settings to allow you to download files.

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Then it sounds like you'll need to change your security settings to allow you to download files.

How stupid, that whas trick.

Thanks a lot.

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