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Guest ppp

FindString,SelectString in ComboBox and ListBox

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Guest ppp


I am new to this AutoIT. Hopefully can someone please help me?

I am trying to use FindString and SelectString commands to find and select the text from ComboBox and a List Box. i am writing a script to test VB.Net application.

FindString/SelectString always returns value "1", it is never selecting the given text in the command.

Here is the code that i am using which is not working....

ComboBox code..........

$db_name =ControlCommand(".Net App", COMBOBOX1", "FindString", 'Test db')

msgbox (0,"domain name", $db_name)

ControlCommand(".Net App", "", "COMBOBOX1", "SelectString", $db_name)

List Box code...........

$name = ControlCommand(".Net App", "", "ListBox", "FindString", 'PROVISIONAL')

msgbox(0, "Application Name", $name)

ControlCommand(".Net App", "", "ListBox", "SelectString", $name)

Can someone tell me what's wrong in the above code???


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Guest ppp

Actually i am not using "COMBOBOX1" or "ListBox1".

In the original code I am using the names that showed in the AutoSpy

The actual class names shown in the AutoSpy are

ComboBox- autospy.....

Class: WindowsForms10.COMBOBOX.app32

Text: ------(is blank)

ListBox- autospy......

Class: WindowsForms10.SysListView32.app31

Text: ------(is balnk)

FYI.....see attachments

Edited by Jon

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Guest ppp

Thanks Larry!

I will try to download the unstable version and see if that works!!

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