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Treeview Issue


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@redndahead: for what do you need the text of the treeview?, cause you know the text cause you set it.

GUIGetMsg() will return the ControlID of the treeviewitem and GUIRead($item) the status:





Edit: ahhh, you mean treeview :ph34r: I will send the implementation to Jon, but I think the controlid would be better!?

Update @redndahead: thanks for asking :(

$maintree = GUICtrlCreateTreeview(10,10,150,100)
$item = GUICtrlCreateTreeviewItem("Options",$maintree)
While 1
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
   If GUIRead($maintree) = $item Then...

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Well unfortunately I don't know what I set the text to. The tree was created automatically via a script. I currently array all the return values from guiCtrlCreate so I guess at the same time I can array all the text values. It would just be a heck of alot easier to just be able to read the selected item. Truthfully what I would like best is to be able to read the whole tree in one line. =)


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