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Progress on Copy

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I am having a hard time instituing a progress bar while copy an xp cd to the hard drive. The folowing two functions are used to do the copy. I would like to show a progress bar while the copy is in progress:

Here are the two functions:

Func FindCD() ; Check if Win XP CD in CDRom

Local $drvs, $i

$drvs = DriveGetDrive("CDROM")

If Not @error Then

For $i = 1 To $drvs[0]

If DriveStatus($drvs[$i] & "\") = "READY" Then

If FileExists($drvs[$i] & "\WIN51IP.SP2") Then

$cddrive = $drvs[$i]






Func Copy() ; Copy Win XP CD files to HDD

$message = GUICtrlCreateLabel('Copying Windows XP Files To HardDrive.', 10, 405, 400, 20)

DirCopy($cddrive, $xpcd, 1)

DirCreate(@AppDataDir & '\' & $title)

IniWrite(@AppDataDir & '\' & $title & '\Settings.ini', 'Location', 'Project Folder', $xpcd)



I would like to incorporate something like this function excpet I would like to get the size of the cd and display a progressbar of how the copy is going.

$FileUrl = "http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/beta/autoit/autoit-v3.2.3.14-beta-setup.exe"

$FileSize = InetGetSize($FileUrl)

$FileName = StringSplit($FileUrl, "/")

$FileName = $FileName[$FileName[0]]

InetGet($FileUrl,@scriptdir & "\" & $FileName, 1, 1)

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_InetGetAbort")

ProgressOn("Download progress for "&$FileName, "", "0%")

While @InetGetActive

$Prog = Int((100 * @InetGetBytesRead) / $FileSize)

ProgressSet($prog, @InetGetBytesRead & "/" & $FileSize & " bytes", "Downloading "&$FileName)



Func _InetGetAbort()


EndFunc ;==> _InetGetAbort()

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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CopyWithCustomProgress($cddrive, $xpcd)

previous funtions obtain the cd drive letter that houses xp cd ($cddrive) as well as the destination that is housed in $xpcd

I declare this function

Func CopyWithCustomProgress($SourcePath, $DestPath, $Replace=0)

If Not FileExists($SourcePath) Then Return SetError(1, 0, -1)

If Not StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($DestPath), "D") And Not DirCreate($DestPath) Then Return SetError(2, 0, "")

If $Replace <> 0 And $Replace <> 1 Then SetError(3, 0, "")

Local $PathName = StringRegExpReplace($SourcePath, "^.*\\", "")

Local $Progress=0, $Counter, $ReadySize, $MidlePath, $Ready, $TimeRemained

Local $CurrentFilePath, $CurrentFileName, $CurrentFilePathName, $CurrentParentDirName

ProgressOn("Copy Files...", "Copy: " & $PathName, "Getting dir structure" & @LF & "Please wait...")

Local $TotalDirSize = DirGetSize($SourcePath)

Local $FilesArr = _FileListToArrayEx($SourcePath)

Local $FilesCount = UBound($FilesArr)-1

Local $ProgressStep = 100 / $FilesCount

If IsArray($FilesArr) Then

For $i = 1 To UBound($FilesArr)-1

$CurrentFilePath = $FilesArr[$i]

$CurrentFileName = StringRegExpReplace($CurrentFilePath, "^.*\\", "")

$CurrentFilePathName = StringReplace($CurrentFilePath, $SourcePath & "\", "")

$CurrentParentDirName = _GetParentDirName($CurrentFilePath)

$Progress += $ProgressStep

$Counter += 1

$ReadySize = FileGetSize($CurrentFilePath)

$MidlePath = _GetMidlePath($CurrentFilePath)

$Ready = $Counter & "/" & $FilesCount

$TimeRemained = _GetTimeRemained($TotalDirSize, $ReadySize, $FilesCount, $Counter)

ProgressSet($Progress, 'Copy... from "' & $CurrentParentDirName & '" to "' & $CurrentParentDirName & '"' & @LF & _

$MidlePath & @LF & "Approximately Remained Time: " & $TimeRemained, "Ready: " & $Ready)

FileCopy($CurrentFilePath, $DestPath & "\" & $CurrentFilePathName, 8+$Replace)





I get the message Copy: d:

Getting dir structure

Please wait

Nothing happens .. Any ideas what to do to fix ?

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Are you running this from within Scite? If not, do so. It's included with the AutoIt installation. There might be an error you're not seeing. Are you sure all of the functions referenced in your custom function are available? Every function call that starts with a _ should be either there in your script or referenced with an #include

Edited by lod3n

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Used it and it works great.... Next part im working on is reading in the hotfixes into and array, sorting the list to ensure the y execute in proper order, and display countdown of how many hotfixes are left to run .

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