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RunAsSet and Network Maps

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Hi everyone and thanks a lot for helping solve this problem.

I use the RunAsSet command to execute a software that requires admin rights.

My problem is that once the software is launched ... when I try to add a file into that software by browsing my drives ... there's no network drives avalaible !

I expected to be able to see at least the network drives that are available when the admin is logged in (not the same than the user) but no ... no network drives are visible at all.

Thanks for the help !

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RunAsSet only gives rights to the file to be ran, nothing more. To get drives, you have to have them mapped, and have rights to those shares.

I hope I understood your post right.

Thanks for replying !

Here's my situation with more details that could help you understand.

When the user is logged, there are 11 maps available to him.

When the admin is logged, there are 4 maps available.

So I log in as the user (and I have my maps) and launch the software using the autoit script cause I need the RunAsSet command to be able to execute the software. Once the software is launched, I need to bring up data files so I do a browse to go get my files. In that browse window, there are no network maps at all !

I tried to use the command DriveMapAdd to create the maps I wanted. It created the map but I can only see them in the user explorer ... not in the browsing window of the software that was launched using RunAsSet.

Any idea on how to get network maps available in that specific browsing window that is executed by the software that is launched ?

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