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Dual Media Player

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Another media player.

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Originally built on a mix of alex player by alexmadman and r4r by ronriel (thanks guys), plus alot of other bits and peices coded in.

Still needs some work, the code is a bit of a mess, this is a pre release beta. I thought some of it may be of use to other people building media players.

I'd still like to fix some of the bugs and add features like cueing one deck with headphones while the other plays (not sure how yet) and a mix curve adjustment.

It was going to be a radio automation app for mofo fm, but I had some issues with getting the list to load fast enough when switching out very large playlists. So I put in the visualisation at the bottom where the scheduling was going to go and make it a standard media player/mixer.

I plan to shelf this project until I've built a new radio automation app using WMP collection/playlist methods I found here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcen...one/player.mspx (examples are VB, but they are easy to convert to AutoIt)

Once I got more time I'd like to finished this one, even though it's CRAP DJ, it's kinda cool I reckon. AutoIt is neat fun! :)

There is an exe, but also the source for the ones that dislike d/loading unknown exes (I'm inclinded that way myself)

The source is zipped with all required includes etc (i think).



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nice work cyanidemonkey but.... u still have same bugs i had :)) when u delete an entry from the list .. numbering won't refresh, can't move the files in the list :)

btw how do you change the visualisation???

anyway i'm glad my media player helped someone :P

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and i'm not sure about the former -Alber EinsteinPractice makes perfect! but nobody's perfect so why practice at all?http://forum.ambrozie.ro

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Nice cyanidemonkey. I'm flattered someone made use of something I have started.

but I had some issues with getting the list to load fast enough when switching out very large playlists.

Maybe i can help you with that.

I see you used my code for loading files(from 1st version). Yes, it is very slow specially when loading thousands :"> .

I had a major rewrite of my code(r4r). I changed much of the loading functions for speed.( Load directories,files and Playlist - got so addicted with regular expressions and stuff, I have more than 5 methods of loading playlists. :))

I have a new playlist format designed for speed. More than 3000 files can now be loaded in less than 3secs from my playlist including data from tags! But still, loading from directories, and .pls, .m3u playlist takes a while but at least 2 faster than the previous.

I'll be posting a new version when my new skin is complete. I just wish i can find more free time. :P

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Thank you for your script, its interesting and amazing! :)

-I like very the Fade function that you have build in...

Can you give me some (small) example how the Fade function exactly works with AutoIT?

- I'd look into your code but I can't find them.

Thank anyway...

Keep on going the good work!

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@ YoseMite

I am at work, don't have time to look right now. Do a string seach on the code for "A2B" or "B2A" that will put you in the right place of the code tha handles the auto crossfade.

Basic bit for manual crossfader:

;convert 0~100 to 0.0~1.0
$xVolume = GUICtrlRead($crossfader)
    If $xVolume <> 100 Then
        If StringLen($xVolume) = 1 Then
            $xVolume = "0.0" & $xVolume
            $xVolume = "0." & $xVolume
        $xVolume = "1.0"

$crossfadeA = (1 - $xVolume)*(100 - GUICtrlRead($volumeA))
WMSetVolume($oDeckA, $crossfadeA)
$crossfadeB = $xVolume*(100 - GUICtrlRead($volumeB))
WMSetVolume($oDeckB, $crossfadeB)

@ ronriel

Yeah, when I get time I'll proberly redo the playlist part of it. I'll be sure to look over your new code to get some ideas.

@ alexmadman

I thought I'd got that bug sorted, but it's still there alright. damn.

re: visualisation, it uses what ever the visualisation is set to in Windows Media Player, so to change it requires opening WMP, and changing the visualisation.

@ Fabry

You are right :"> I thought I'd fixed that, must have done something to stop it working again.

@ Toady

Airsoft is my sport of choice, the OD green is the war gaming mind set sneeking into my code project. Not everyones cup of tea, but I'd seen too meny black/darkgrey one's already.

Thanks for the comments guys.

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