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RunWait options

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RunWait("program.exe" &GUICtrlRead($file))

Is something like this possible?

Obviously I'm new to this, but it seemed reasonable.


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what is the value of the $file control ?

It is a file as selected with the following function:

$file = GUICtrlCreateInput ( $file , 10, 125, 300, 20)


$btnFile = GUICtrlCreateButton ("File", 315, 125, 45, 20)

GUICtrlSetTip($btnFile,"click here to select a single file")

Or do you mean you want to run the programs specified in the Gui ?

I had completed the GUI and then I decided to add an option "Edit Comments".

I just wanted to add the button and then have it run the editor program "comments.exe" which would take and work with the file already selected. "comments.exe" is an external program (located in the same folder as the GUI and its support files.)

Posted Image

I apologize if I haven't made myself clear.

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