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DDE with AutoIt Client script

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I'm trying to develop a script that will talk with an existing (server) program via DDE. I have used this program sucessfully in Excel, using formulas of the type:


and the correct string result is returned into the cell, from a running instance of the server program.

The program appears to support ONLY DDE, no indication of inbuilt COM. What I'm after is some sort of client functionality for the AutoIt script, so that it can send requests and receive results, the same way as Excel is able to. Does such a beastie exist? Is this even possible with AI?



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I've just finished a generic UDF library for Windows DDE (client and server).

Here: DDEML.

Edited by doudou

UDFS & Apps:

DDEML.au3 - DDE Client + Server[*]
Localization.au3- localize your scripts[*]
TLI.au3 - type information on COM objects (TLBINF emulation)[*]
TLBAutoEnum.au3 - auto-import of COM constants (enums)[*]
AU3Automation - export AU3 scripts via COM interfaces

- OleView was yesterday

Coder's last words before final release: WE APOLOGIZE FOR INCONVENIENCEĀ 

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