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GUICtrlCreatePic + Compilation

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i have created a picture in my GUI by using

GUICtrlCreatePic("background.jpg", 1, 1, 298, 33)

it works fine, just after i compile the script to .exe and move the .exe out of the directory where the background.jpg is and execute it, the background.jpg picture is no longer displayed on my GUI. i thought by compiling the script to an executeable the jpg would be integrated to the file.

is there any possibility to anchor the *.jpg into the source, so i don't need the *.jpg background file anymore in the same directory as the executeable?

sorry if i'm probably asking a very common question, but i didn't know what to search for on the forum to figure out my problem, all i found by searching for a solution was the koda gui creator, which i really like :)


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