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How to get this working $array["foo"] = "bar"

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I've been developing applications and scripts in several languages. Now I'm working with AutoIT and each day again its functionality is amazing me!

Now I woud like to have something like:

$array["foo"] = "bar"
$array["me"]  = "mine"

msgbox(4096,"Test", $array["foo"])

Like this it's not possible, but does someone knows of a library that adds this functionality? Or a work around?

I've a list of files and their md5-hashes, I would like to check easily if the where changed. In php or perl I could do something like

If $oldMD5["c:\autoexec.bat"] == md5("c:\autoexec.bat") Then
   msbox(4096,"File not changed","Autoexec.bat")

Any input would be very appreciated!

PS. Don't worry about the md5, this part is already fixed.

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