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i read the F1 helpfile for StringRegExp() but actually i didn't really understand it , so

Func doFUNKY($text1) 
    If (StringRegExp($text1, "353 (.*?) (.*?) (.*?) :(.*?)", 0) = 1) Then
        IniWrite("TEST.ini", "NAMES", "", "")
        IniWriteSection("TEST.ini", "NAMES", $text1)

i am trying to grab the names from a irc server (raw 353) reply

the packet i receive from the server is following:

<- 366 MYNICK #CHANNEL :End of /NAMES list.

where MYNICK stands for my current nickname (e.g: phew)
NICK1 = eg: MichaelJackson
NICK2 = ...
NICK6 = eg: TBH|Neo^

#CHANNEL = eg: #help

i guess my function is completely wrong, so anyone can gimme an example perhaps?

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ok i'll try it

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

now i tried following:

Global $recv = ""
Global $file = "stringrcv.txt"
Func getNames($socket, $recv)
While (1)
    $recv = TCPRecv($socket, 1024)
    If ($recv <> "") Then
            $test = StringInStr($recv, "353")
            MsgBox(1, "", $test)

after i pressed the "JOIN" button and the bot joins a channel i wait for $recv to receive the server's packet and then i want to msgbox it's content but i only msgbox StringInStr() value instead of the line matching my "353"-string:

StringInStr ( "string", "substring" [, casesense [, occurrence]] )

Return Value

Success: Returns the position of the substring. 
Failure: Returns 0 if substring not found. 
@Error 0 - Normal operation 
 1 - Occurrence was 0. Occurrence must be a positive or negative integer.

but how do i msgbox the packet that matched string "353" in it's content?

EDIT: error in expression :)

Edited by phew

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