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Automating Web interfaces and Inventor stuff?

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I've got a problem I'm trying to solve. I'm trying to install Inventor 11 SP3. When doing so, many graphics drivers need to be updated to work properly with the changes. Now, I've got a script that can get the new hardware XML files installed, start inventor and check if the current graphics drivers are certified and send us an e-mail if they are not. This still will leave us with needing to do lots of gfx driver updates. I've imported the CompInfo UDFs and can pull the graphics card names, and there are specific driver downloads provided by autodesk here: http://www.inventor-certified.com/graphics/findDriver.php

The problem is I'd either need to write code for every possible driver in the script and manually input the download links or find out some way to use the Video Card name returned by the UDF to navigate the interface to do the download. Is this possible in some way? Or should I just manually get links for the major card types and then do the installs manually?

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