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Run or Runwait and quotes

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Iam having trouble with the follwing line of code:

I need to run this to install a program, it works in DOS, why cant I get it to work with the RUN or RUNWait command. I am not sure, any help will greatly appreciated.

Dim $var = "C:\Program Files\SmartPSS\Smart_Update\ST6UNST.LOG"
     RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & "C:\Windows\ST6UNST.exe -n $var /silent")

I have also tried with no avail, but the following is exactly what i used in DOs to get it to work.

Run("C:\Windows\ST6UNST.exe -n "C:\Program Files\SmartPSS\Smart_Update\ST6UNST.LOG" /silent")

Thanks :ph34r:

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I got it not sure how but thanks. since it works I will not mess with it unless i have to.

Dim $var = '"C:\Program Files\SmartPSS\Smart_Update\ST6UNST.LOG"'
     RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c C:\Windows\ST6UNST.exe -n " & $var & " /silent")


Dim $var = '"C:\Program Files\SmartPSS\Smart_Update\ST6UNST.LOG"'
     RunWait("C:\Windows\ST6UNST.exe -n " & $var & " /silent")


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