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Using external variables in function

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Hi all,

This might be a very dumb question, but I just can't figure out how to get it working.

I start out creating a button:

$Button = GUICtrlCreateButton("My button",0,0)oÝ÷ Ø  Ýiû§rب«­¢+ÙչѥÙÑ   ±±½½¸ ¤(  ±±½½¹Q¥À ÀÌØí    ÕÑѽ¸°ÅÕ½Ðí!±±¼ÅÕ½Ðì°U%
ÑɱI ÀÌØí    ÕÑѽ¸¤¤)¹Õ¹ìôôÐíÑ¥ÙÑ ±±½½¸oÝ÷ Ø  Ý¡÷(º»¶jYh¢tâ¥û§rب«­¢+ÙÕ¹   ±±½½¹Q¥À ÀÌØí    ±±½½¹YÈÄ°ÀÌØí   ±±½½¹YÈÈ°ÀÌØí   ±±½½¹YÈ̤(U%
ÑɱMÑQ¥À ÀÌØí ±±½½¹YÈÄ°ÀÌØí   ±±½½¹YÈÈ°ÀÌØí   ±±½½¹YÈÌ°À°Ì¤)¹Õ¹ìôôÐí  ±±½½¹Q¥ÀoÝ÷ Ø Ý¶®º+jëh×6==> Variable used without being declared.: 
BalloonTip($Button, "Hello", GUICtrlRead($Button)) 
BalloonTip(^ ERROR

How can I get this working?



Edited by svennie

Sorry for my English, I'm Dutch... =DMedia UDFINet Adv UDF

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Dim $Button

somewhere on your main script (my guess is you've been creating this button inside a function -> the error you got when trying to use it inside another function)

And never forget:

- if you create a variable inside a function - it will be available (known) only inside that function

- if you create a variable in the main script - it will be available (known) everywhere

Also - look at variable help

SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

wannabe "Unbeatable" Tic-Tac-Toe

Paper-Scissor-Rock ... try to beat it anyway :)

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