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Bob Wya

Problem with SCSI access routines to DVD/CD drives

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Bob Wya


I am using some routines that were posted here a while back for accessing DVD / CD drives through the Windows SCSI interace to allow low level access

(e.g. to determine tray status, etc.)

I include the routines (all functions in a attached file, the open drive handle code in a code box - see below)...NB they have been slightly basterdised by me but are essentially the same!!

The code works very well except for a slight problem! The problem is that the DLL call to open the volume handle to an optical drive leaves a $hVolume READ/WRITE handle open to the optical drive with a file handle like \Device\CdRom0 showing up in ProcessExplorer (no FileClose doesn't work!!) This unfortunately locks other applications out of the drive. If I close this handle manually in ProcessExplorer then problem solved!! Question is how do I write a DLL call to close this handle?? I presume it is similar to the DLL call to create the handle in the first place but I still getting my head around this sort of thing...

Thanks for any help you guys can give!!

Bob Wya

Func OpenVolume($cDriveLetter)

Local $a_controls

; From AUTOIT forums

Local $hVolume, $uDriveType, $szVolumeName, $dwAccessFlags

If StringLen($cDriveLetter) = 1 Then

$cDriveLetter = $cDriveLetter & ":"

ElseIf StringLen($cDriveLetter) = 2 Then

;do nothing

ElseIf StringLen($cDriveLetter) = 3 Then

$cDriveLetter = StringLeft($cDriveLetter, 2)




Local $szRootName = $cDriveLetter & "\"

$uDriveType = DriveGetType($szRootName)


Case $uDriveType == "Removable"


Case $uDriveType == "CDROM"

;We need write access in order to send scsi commands.


;$dwAccessFlags = $GENERIC_READ

Case Else



$szVolumeName = "\\.\" & $cDriveLetter & ""

;$szVolumeName = "\\.\CdRom0"

;in addition to getting the handle, the following also verifies write access, which is required to use the scsi pass through

$hVolume = DllCall( _

"kernel32.dll", "hwnd", _

"CreateFile", _

"str", $szVolumeName, _

"long", $dwAccessFlags, _


"ptr", 0, _

"long", $OPEN_EXISTING, _

"long", 0, _

"long", 0 _


If @error Then



Return $hVolume[0]


EndFunc ;==>OpenVolume

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Bob Wya

ProcessClose perhaps?

Na that won't work - its not a process mate!! CloseHandle from the "AutoLib3" AutoIt extension does the job though!!

Thanks anyway!!


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Hopefully you found the solution, but my original script used the wrong datatype on a call related to the drive handle. See the original thread here:


And search thread for the text "fix for the drive", which points to this thread with discussion of the bug:


Again, thanks to garyfrost for the fix.


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