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Customizeable hotkeys

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i Made a very simple script for a Warcraft 3 lossbot but as there are many different language versions of the game hotkeys for each language version are different so i need my users to be able to customize the hotkeys I'm new at autoit and really need help

hmm here is the code i acidently put it as an attachment i need the Q's will be different for everyone and those are the hotkeys that will need to b customizeable

; Press Esc to terminate script, Pause/Break to "pause"

Global $Paused, $t = 0

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

HotKeySet("{F2}", "ShowMe")




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HotKeySet([key],[function] ) allows the use of a variable for your key. That should basically be all you need to know to come up with a solution. Have the user define his or her custom hotkey upstream with whatever input method you prefer, and reference it in HotKeySet( )

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