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An extended Pixel Search

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Hi All,

I wrote an extended pixel search tool (freeware for all AutoIt users :P). It consists of two components: the Pixel Reader tool and the pixfind DLL. Below is a description:

1. PixelReader

The PixelReader can take screenshot of current screen (or load a bitmap) and zoom it, let you choose a rectangle area and output a BGR string suitable for use with pixfind.dll

2. pixfind.dll

Not like the autoit built-in PixelSearch function which search a single pixel in an area, this dll export a function called FindPixel that will find a block of pixels on screen.

To download, please click the url below:


Please note that the online help and dll is embeded in the EXE file (and this EXE file is NOT an archive, it is the tool itself :))

Future Plan

I plan to add FindPixelEx function to allow search within an area (not full screen) or to search in a specified window (by HWND). But this will be done later, while there are such requirements. So your feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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