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Help with Poker Script

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I have a script which i didnt make but i was able to modify to work on Carlos Poker where it opens tables and a datamining program etc. I can edit the script enough to make it change different filters etcs using the Mousclick command.

However im not sure how people who write more complex codes get the property information like the window name, like where there is a collapsing folder that shows all the different levels like 10c/25c $1/$2 etc how do people find out how to access these so they can add this to their script, do you need to go to the poker company and ask for their coding or is it possible for example to write a script that displays all of the properties for eg in the script there is a line that gets access to one of the levels and displays that level:


I didnt write the script so i dont know how he done this but you cant right click on the window and get this so how do you get info like this to help you program. Another example is when a poker table opens, how do you access players names, cards dealt and bets made etc??

Really hope someone can point me in the right direction here

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