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Changing the default sound card;

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how one could change the default sound card in windows?

I'm installing Snapstream's Beyond TV on my brother-in-laws computer and although I use AutoIT to easily control the applications displayed on the TV, Beyond TV doesn't support multiple sound cards; it uses whatever the default sound card is in Windows. If I start Beyond TV and then switch sound cards via Control Panel, Beyond TV continues to use the sound card that was the default when it started. If I could change the default sound card programmatically, I could really set it up sweet so the desktop icon for Beyond TV would really launch an AutoIT script which selected the appropriate sound card, launched Beyond TV, and then switch back to the original sound card (i.e. Beyond TV's sound would be routed to the living room speakers while all other sounds would still play on the desktop computer speakers).

Of course, there would be many other applications of this capability....

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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