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please help me convert vb6 to autoit

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here is some vb6 code,could you help me convert it to autoit?

and the XdictGrb.dll is needed

Option Explicit
Implements IXDictGrabSink
Private gp As GrabProxy
Private Sub Form_Load()
      Set gp = New GrabProxy
With gp
      .GrabEnabled = True 
      .GrabInterval = 30 
      .GrabMode = XDictGrabMouse '
      .AdviseGrab Me 
End With
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
      Set gp = Nothing
End Sub
Private Function IXDictGrabSink_QueryWord(ByVal WordString As String, ByVal lCursorX As Long, ByVal lCursorY As Long, ByVal SentenceString As String, lLoc As Long, lStart As Long) As Long
      Label1.Caption = "当前坐标:" & "(" & lCursorX & "," & lCursorY & ")"
      Label2.Caption = "当前语句:" & SentenceString
      Label3.Caption = "当前字符:" & Mid(SentenceString, lLoc + 1, 1000)
End Function

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