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LoL check this little app out.

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I made this app...

Once you DL it type in hi, hello or get f***ed with out the ' * ' and it will do something.

If you want the sorce code... then just ask me to put it up and I will...

Don't worry it doesn't write any thing on your computer and is complitely harmless.

so your safe.

[Jon: Attachment removed, as this-is-me says below it't not a good idea to expect people to download exe files when they don't know you. Post the source instead]

Edited by Jon

Doctors are EVIL!I'll host you your own autoIT script site... If you really want... Email me. SE@gfun.ahazhosting.com and sign up to my website... http://g-institute.r8.org

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Don't be an idiot. Not being rude, but it is rather obvious that nobody is just going to up and run a program on their computer, especially seeing that it is coming from a user that only has 6 posts. DUH! Don't waste our time.

Edited by this-is-me

Who else would I be?

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