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Anyone have some time they'd share?

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I'm trying to figure out all of this, and sort of learning bits and peices, but I'm not all that wonderfull with patience or attntion span sometimes and would really appreciate having a few people available though e-mail or messenger or whatever works who could help with advice or troubleshooting. Anything and everything really. I've gone through the help, and the tutorials, and a few hundred pages of forum posts.. (I stopped somewhere in early '05's threads) While helpful, I definately learn better when I can work with someone who knows what's going on, as oposed to searching through tons of information to find what I did wrong. So far I've made a script that is very effective at doing nothing, and apparently pausing itself... Not quite what I was trying for but better than a BSOD. Also, I am a very experienced troubleshooter and do spend over 90% of my time in front of my PC, I just never got around to the programming courses I planned on taking and haven't spent enough time studying. but if anyone is having problems with their system I can offer advice and/or about a million little utilities from a standalone little virus scanner to 30 or 40 different data recovery programs. I didn't make any of them, they just can be really usefull for keeping windows in line, or trying to save that important file with all your contacts addresses and numbers that got formatted with the rest of your stuff when the system refused to bring up your OS. Man... I really don't like windows at all, but I use it because I play games a lot and it's easier most of the time to get them running on XP. Every version of linux I've used though all had such wonderfull stability.. the only bsods were joke material mocking windows. The last one let me erase my entire hard drive without crashing, it no longer knew what the shutdown command was supposed to do, and had no text files so all the words were just squares, but it didn't give me any crap about it. It just blew my mind...

Anyway, learning scripting/coding/programming etc.. in as many languages as I can.. (or at least one that I like) has been something I've been getting around to for 5-6 years or so... Man... I'd really like to learn a decent bit about javascript, but reading though a lot of the information I've found usually gives me a headache within a few minutes... I'm great with math, numbers, and logic. I just really am not good with studying and attention span. I usually use the "Try as many things as you can think of and figure out what went wrong until you can get it right" method of learning.

Anyway, I guess I'm babbling but I'll put contact info at the bottom for anyone who would be up for some form of communication, either helping me figure things out, offering advice/comments/whatever, asking why your system is doing whatever it's doing that makes you angry, asking what games from this year all the way back to ega or commodor 64 are good for some relaxation, and which ones just shouldn't be touched with any system you care about... or what's allright but not worth paying for....

MSN- Lance_one@hotmail.com

AIM - LanceTheShiznit

Yahoo - The_Real_Lance_one (or just add my msn address, it should work)

Hope to hear from someone soon, Thanks for reading all this, (or I guess this sentance if you skipped the rest) sorry for being long-winded and jumping around in subject matter.


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I added you on MSN. :)

I'll help you with anything that i can.

My MSN: paulie.personal@gmail.com

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