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How to format this command

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FYI: @scriptdir = f:\autoit apps <-- Notice the space between autoit & apps

$test = """" & @ScriptDir & "\bin\psexec" & """" & " -i \\PCNAME regsvr32 /u " & """" & "c:\program files\google\googletoolbar1.dll" & """"



RunWait(@ComSpec & " /k " & $test)

any ideas how to make this work? If I use apostrophies ( ' ) around the c:\program files ..., it errors on that portion but when I use the quotes, I get errored out on the beginning of the command.

I can't win!


Poor man's solution:

As a workaround, I could make a bat file that gets copied to c:\temp\ folder and executed which in turns executes the command BUT I don't see any errors of my command.

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Run('"C:\Auto-It files\List Get - Internet Only.exe"','C:\Auto-It files')

See the '" "'

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