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Yet another Guildwars Bot

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Stats ETC:

I use it to gather items and gold while i sleep or am at work. It does a descent job of making me 5k-15k while I'm sleeping or working. I'm currently running it with a D/A Build just outside of Sunspear Great Hall in Nightfall. I will include my exact build for those who want to use it. The reason I'm fighting in such a low level area is because of being able to solo and not distribute the money earned. Not to mention the black and white dye drop is about 1 per 3 hours and thats an instant 3-5k. There are also low level bosses that drop greens. Currently I'm getting about 1 green drop every 2 hours.

Bot Features:

-Item pickup via keys rather than searching for white items on the floor. This makes it more likely to pick up items.

-The bot roams if there are no baddies in the area to fight. It attempts 3 times to find someone and if it doesnt, It randomly chooses to turn left or right at different angles and runs forward at a random interval from 5-20 seconds.

-Support currently for 4 skills to use.

-Heals itself if energy is available, but not really needed for where i leave him.

-The bot targets baddies so that any hero or henchie that your will will attack the same baddie as you are. This is good if you decide to take along alot of henchies or heroes and run around in higher level areas.

Things being added soon:

Hopefully i can figure out a way to make the bot get to a merchant in town and sell all items. So far he gets to town and can port back out of town correctly. With the use of TexMod, I've changed the colors of the portal and the map location to Bright pink as not to miss them. The merchant is Bright green. he has sucessfully clicked the merchant and sold all items.. but only 3-4 times. I wont include this until i get it working 90% ish =]

A time out for attacking the same character because if your on a hill and there are monsters below you, you stand there attempting to attack instead of running below and attacking. This will be easy to add and should be added sometime next week.

Last Notes:

Though i'm not new to AutoIt, Im def not a programmer by trade so this code will look like dog crap. It works and works well, Its just not very pretty so please don't comment about it unless you would like to teach me a better way of going about something. I'm only trying to have a little fun =]




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You should take a look at my gw bot.

It'll be easier to add on to this with examples.

[left][sub]We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine.[/sub][sup]And the machine is bleeding to death...[/sup][sup][/sup][/left]

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