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How to select items in the device manager?

Guest autoit_noob

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Guest autoit_noob

Hi everyone!

I've got aproblem and I'm not sure if you can help / if it's possible to do what I want with autoit.

I would like to open the preferences window of a device listened in the device manager (see screenshot), but the autoit window spy doesn't show any information of the listened devices.

Is it possible to access the preferences of a certain device (it has to identified by the device's name)?

Excuse my bad english, I hope you understood what I tried to do...


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You could try to uses sends instead.

Opt("SendKeyDelay", 50)
run(@comspec & ' /c ' & @SystemDir & "\devmgmt.msc", @SystemDir, @sw_hide)

This example may be helpful? :)

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Guest autoit_noob

Wow! Thx MHz! Works perfect :)

Didn't know that it would be so simple.. maybe I have to think in a different way about window's windows in the future :)

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Guest autoit_noob

You could also look for a free download utility called "devcon" on Microsoft's website.  It allows full command-line access to device manager.  I've used it many times in the past and its very handy.


"devcon" looks nice, too bad that the script is almost working. Thanks for the tip napgravy!
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