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Math Trick Program Error Plz Help

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I tried to make a basic math trick to work on my computer. The trick works like this.

You tell someone to think of a four digit #. Tell them they cant show u and say write it on a piece of paper.

You tell them to jumble those digits to make a new #. write this on the paper as well.

Subtract the smaller # from the larger # to make a new number. write the new number down.

Now circle one of the digits in the new number but u cant circle 0 because they r already circles.

Remove the circled digit. Then show those left over numbers to me.

Now you say i know wat number u circled.

Now u add the leftover digits together lets say this is A. -If the sum(A) is below 9 then subtract A from 9. (this answer is the number they circled.)

- If the sum(A) is below 18(above 9) then subtract A from 18.(this answer is the number they circled)

- If the sum(A) is below 27 (above 18) then subtract A from 27.(this answer is the number they circled)

- if the sum(A) is equal 9, 18 or 27 then the number they circled is 9 (or 0 if they cheated.)

Im not sure how it works but it does.

ex.A) 5476-4567=0909


left over = 009

0 + 0 + 9 = 9 they removed a 9.

ex.B) 7429-4972=2457


leftover = 247

2+4+7 = 13

18-13 = 5

they removed a 5.

Now i made a basic script so i dont have to go through the process of doing tricks to friends. My PC can do it for me but it's not working.

Ex. A) will end up as 918

Ex.B)= equals 514

notice the two added digits equal the first digit?

9 1+8

5 1+4

I dont understand PLZ HELP?

If you figure it out plz email x_shadow_x21@hotmail.com with the correct script plz. I will be very thankful and if u can explain what i did wrong so i will learn from my mistakes. TY

I'll copy paste my script.

MsgBox(0,"title", "Think of a four digit number.")

MsgBox(0,"title", "Now Rearrange that number to make a different number.")

MsgBox(0,"title", "Now subtract the smaller of the two numbers from the larger number.")

MsgBox(0,"title", "Now circle one of the numbers in your answer. Do not circle a zero because it is already a circle.")

$number1=Inputbox("question", "Please type in your first leftover digit.")

$number2=Inputbox("question", "Please type in your second leftover digit.")

$number3=Inputbox("question", "Please type in your third leftover digit.(leave blank if there was no third digit)")




Send("The number you circled was:")

$var=$number1+ $number2+ $number3

IF $var<9 Then Send(9-$var)

IF $var<18 Then Send(18-$var)

IF $var<27 Then Send(27-$var)

IF $var=9 or $var = 18 or $var = 27 Then Send(9)

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