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Just another array function

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Just a quickie. This wil work with either the original _ArraySearch() or the one I posted last week'

If will return an array of all the elements of an array that contain the search criteria.


#include <array.au3>
#include <file.au3>
; Function Name:    RunExample()
; Description:        Uses _ArraySearch() to find all ocurrences of a search query between two points in an array.
; Syntax:                 _ArrayFindAll($iArray, $iQuery[, $iStart = 0[,  $iEnd = 0[, $iCaseSense = 0[, $fPartialSearch = False]]]])
; Parameter(s):    $iArray - the array to search
;                              $iQuery - the search string
;                              $iStart - the element where the search should start. Usually 0 or 1
;                              $iEnd - the element where the search should stop searching.
;                              $iCaseSense - 1 = case sensitive, 0 = not case sensitive. (default)
;                              $iPartialSearch - True =  query must match the whole element.  False = Match any portion of the element (default)
; Requirements:   #include <array.au3> and <file.au3>
; Return Value(s):   Success - Returns an array of the element numbers containing the search string
;                              Failure - Sets @Error to 1 and returns the no results message.
; Author(s):              GEOSoft (Based on _ArraySearch() by SolidSnake)
; Modifications:        
; Remarks:            If any of the optional parameters are used then the preceeding parameters must also be used
; Example(s):         Uncomment the RunExample() line below

;RunExample();<<== uncomment to run

Func RunExample()
    $File = @WindowsDir & "\setuplog.txt"
    $fQuery = "ocsetup"
    $fArray = ''
    If FileExists($File) Then
        _FileReadToArray($File, $fArray)
        MsgBox(0, 'File Error', $File & ' was not located.')
    If IsArray($fArray) Then
        $Found = _ArrayFindAll($fArray, $fQuery, 0,  0, 0, True)
        If IsArray($Found) Then
            MsgBox(0, 'Elements', "It's an array with " & $Found[0] & ' elements')

            For $I = 1 To $Found[0]
                MsgBox(0, 'Values', $fArray[$Found[$I]], 3)

            MsgBox(0,'No Matches', $Found)
EndFunc  ;<==> RunExample()

Func _ArrayFindAll($iArray, $iQuery, $iStart = 0,  $iEnd = 0, $iCaseSense = 0, $fPartialSearch = False)
    Local $Rtn = ''

    While 1
        $aSrch = _ArraySearch($iArray, $iQuery, $iStart,  $iEnd, $iCaseSense, $fPartialSearch)
        If $aSrch <> -1 Then
            $Rtn &= $aSrch & '|'
            $iStart = $aSrch + 1
            If iStart >= $iEnd Then ExitLoop

    If $Rtn <> '' Then
        $Rtn = StringSplit(StringTrimRight($Rtn, 1), '|')
        Return $Rtn
        Return SetError(1, 1, 'No matches to your query were found')
EndFunc   ;<===> _ArrayFindAll()

;;============= End of Script ============


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