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Div Function

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      ; Function Name:  _Div()
      ; Description:      Devides $Num by $Devidant.
      ; Parameter(s): $Num - The Number you are deviding.
      ;                 $Devidant - The Number you are deviding by.
      ;                 $Result[0] - The Whole Result
      ;                 $Result[1] - The remainder.
      ; Requirement(s):   None.
      ; Return Value(s):  The Whole Number and the remainder.
      ;                      @error is set to 1 if Devidant = 0.
      ; Author(s):      KJ
       Func _Div($Num,$Devidant)
       Local $Result[2]
       If $Num < 0 Then $Num = -$Num
       If $Devidant < 0 Then $Devidant = -$Devidant
       If $Devidant = 0 Then
        If $Num > $Devidant Then
            $Result[0] = Floor($Num/$Devidant)
            $Result[1] = $Num - ($Result[0]*$Devidant)
        ElseIf $Num = $Devidant Then
            $Result[0] = 1
            $Result[1] = 0
        ElseIf $Num < $Devidant Then
            $Result[0] = 0
            $Result[1] = $Num
       Return $Result


#include "div.au3"
 If @error=0 Then MsgBox(0,"",$a[0] & "  " & $a[1])

what u all think ?

i personally think it should be addded to the autoit user functions.

Edited by DaProgrammer

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